Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vote for Claire - round 2

(Copied with permission from NR's Facebook group page)

As you all know, our Claire was recently entered in the Inspiring Rescue Stories contest. The entries have now been narrowed to the 10 with the most comments and/or YouTube views and Claire is still in the running!!!!

Second round voting started on April 15. Because many of us attended the Jamboree this weekend, we didn't get this announcement out as soon as we would have liked. As a consequence, Claire is WAY behind! The first place dog has 177 votes and poor Claire only has 5 votes.

But we'll fix that, right???? Please tell everyone you know to go to InspiringRescueStor http://www.facebook.com/l/a7b6e;ies.com and vote for Claire! Voting doesn't end until April 30, so there's still plenty of time for us to win.

The Inspiring Rescue Story with the most votes will receive over $1000 worth of prizes, plus 15% of the profits of the book NEW LIVES. The Second Place winner will receive an additional 15% of the profits from the book sales.

We need Claire to win so that money can be raised to cover her cataract surgery. New Rattitude can do this!!! Post everywhere.. ..with your help Claire can leap to the top of the results list. Spread the word -- VOTE FOR CLAIRE!!!! Here's the link to the voting page

Monday, April 12, 2010

Almost time for the Jamboree!

Only a few days left until Rat Terrier Jamboree time and I'm SOOOO excited. Even the nasty overnight plane ride that I'll have to take to get there Thursday morning isn't getting me down. It's all part of the adventure.

Little Vivi (see her pics on Flickr) will be catching a ride home with me from the Jamboree. I wasn't going to take in anymore fosters until we are back from our vacation but since Vivi is a young pup she will be adopted long before we leave. Vivi (named after a character in the book "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood") is a sweet little 10 week old girl who started out her life in a puppymill and from there ended up in a pet store. She was purchased from the store by someone who hadn't done their homework because when baby Vivi wasn't immediately house trained she was dropped off at an animal shelter. The shelter employee told the owner that they should probably stick to stuffed animals in the future if they didn't want to deal with dog pee.

The shelter notified New Rattitude and she was pulled by the Indiana state coordinator who is temporarily fostering her until Jamboree. I will take delivery of little Viv at the Jamboree and happily this year I will actually have a rat terrier with me and not be the "lady without a dog".

The photo above is from last year's Jamboree. Newman the dog is discussing the merits of the cow vs. the dog bottle buddy toy with his mom at the New Rattitude ReTail booth. I'll be working the booth again this year so stop by and say hi. For more photos of last years event and to see day by day photos posted of this years event while it happens, check out the SE Rat Terrier Jamboree Website.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Mr. Q is the lovingest dog ever! Although he can be a bit cranky about his feet being touched (someone must have quicked his nails badly - they are all black so easier to cut off too much) this guy just loves to snuggle. If a lap isn't available he will just curl up on top of someones feet.

We have had some clear weather and he and the gang are loving play time in the back yard. He loves to explore and chase Frodo around and especially liked playing with foster pup, Jake, before he went to his new home.

Quixote has an application so we are crossing our fingers that it will be a good home for him. Hopefully they will want to meet him this weekend. If things work out he might go home before I get back from the Rat Terrier Jamboree in Tennessee next week. I'll likely be bringing a foster puppy back with me on the plane so this might be a good thing. :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Latest

So all sorts of stuff has happened since I last blogged and life has been getting in the way of me keeping the blog up to date.

Quixote arrived and is the best little guy. He had his knee surgery and this week the bandages were removed. Now the challenge is getting him to start putting weight on the leg again since he's a bit of a wuss and avoids any chance of pain at all costs. It's only been a few days though so we'll see how he's doing in another week. In the photo above you can see him all wrapped up and enjoying a cone-free moment.

Franny took awhile to get used to Quixote but with 2 weeks of slow introduction they now are actually wrestling and playing tug together. This is going to be key in getting Franny acclimated in a new home. She just needs someone who is calm and patient and will slowly let her adjust. When it comes to people though she is quick to adopt you as her new best friend, especially if you pet her and hand her a few treats. Then her nub starts wagging so fast it just looks like a blur.

Sweet little Jake has an application all the way over in Edmonton, Alberta. He will have a rattie brother and sister to keep him company up there and get to spend lots of time hiking, the lucky little guy.

Frodo had a lesion removed from his left front armpit. We were pretty scared about it, but thankfully it was just a benign histiocytoma so there's nothing to worry about now. Both he and Quixote are very happy that they are now cone-free.

Only a couple weeks until the Rat Terrier Jamboree in Sweetwater, Tennessee. I'll be flying there to hang out and enjoy all the other rat terrier fans and getting a chance to meet the rescuers that I spend so much time communicating online about. It is absolutely beautiful country-side there in SE Tennessee and the April weather in gorgeous. If you ever have some vacation time in April I highly recommend attending.