Monday, August 31, 2015

Snug as a Bug

While Lizzy does like to keep busy she has also really become a snuggling aficionado while she's been in foster care. She likes to burrow in close and then falls asleep, occasionally with cute little snores.

Chima sometimes takes issue with Lizzy's choice of where she wants to snuggle, especially since Liz invariably walks over the top of other dogs to get the prime location.

Love this little gal!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lizzy's New Toy

We received our Barkbox in the mail and Lizzy got to have the Muscle Cuz squeaky toy. She absolutely loved it and spent the better part of her day chewing it.

It didn't make it through the day intact but she made sure she squeaked every last big of fun out of it.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Lizzy says "it's time to stop and smell the flowers". Or eat them. Or walk through the middle of them. Or dig up some nice yummy compost chunks to eat.

Ready to walk through the middle of some dahlias I just planted


"I was just going to sit here and look at them!"

Let's just say Lizzy doesn't believe in being gentle. Too much puppy in her and she likes to bounce still and doesn't always know where she will end up landing. The good news is that she is easily redirected thanks to her short attention span and the fact that she thinks just about everything is fun and exciting.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Hunt Is On

Lizzy has puppy brain. Meaning her attention span is limited to whatever happens to be currently in her sight line.

Today Chima and Salinas had sniffed out a mouse in the bamboo thicket. They were running around crazily, as they do, barking and screaming like someone was torturing them. Lizzy thought it was a really exciting game of chase and would follow them everyone jumping in their face and trying to see if maybe they wanted to wrestle instead.

This is how she has always been when the girls are crittering, however today she finally awoke the terrier within and all of a sudden, instead of just chasing the other dogs, she was climbing into the bamboo after the mouse.

This girl is a machine! Chima and Sal, bless their hearts, are not the best of hunters. They are all noise and bluster and get so worked up that they are clumsy and spastic in their efforts. While Lizzy didn't catch anything this time, she has the makings of a great ratter. She was quiet, coordinated, and fast. With practice she will be amazing.

Can you see her in there?

Even Chima and Sal were impressed with her ability to get all the way into the middle of the bamboo and they let her have the job of flushing the critter out while they waited on the edge to "catch" anything that ran out.

Chima paces around the thicket, hoping a mouse will come running her way

Good job, Lizzy!