Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Doctor is in

Doc has been here with us in Western WA now for a few weeks and is doing great. While he can be a barker when he's excited, for the most part he's a pretty easy guy.

One thing we've discovered is that he LOVES belly rubs and snoozing next to people on the couch during any TV or book reading time. He really enjoys hanging out with his people. In fact he likes that more than playing with his tennis ball, which is saying a lot since her adores his tennis ball.

He would love a family of his own who has a fenced yard big enough for playing with a tennis ball and also who like to hike or go for runs, since Doc is always up for adventure.

So while he isn't perfect, I have to ask who's perfect? This guy gives 100% of himself to loving his human and having fun with him. He does have a little anxiety from being shifted around a lot but can you blame him?

Someone out there is going to get a heck of a partner when they discover Doc is waiting for them. He really is a sweet, goofball of a boy who needs someone willing to give him a chance and love him.

Friday, March 11, 2011

A little Chicory with your coffee?

Our newest foster girl has arrived from Texas and she is as sweet as can be. Chicory is 3 yrs old, about 13 pounds and although shy at first with people and new experiences she quickly learns things are safe. She is looking for a home without big dogs but wouldn't mind cats as long as they keep their distance. While she doesn't seem likely to chase small animals she definitely didn't trust the cat she was introduced to and barked a bit while backing away.

Chicory does great with Frodo and Tilly and would love to play more if they would only join in with her. While she does have great bite inhibition while playing she does tend to be somewhat "face-oriented" in her play so she needs to go to a home without young children.
We are working on house-training and it's going great but she will need a new family who is willing to reinforce her new learned skill with crate-training and not too much freedom to begin with while she is learning where the correct potty spots are.
You can't fully see them in this shot but Chicory's crowning glory are her radar dish-sized ears that are alert to everything. Most of the time both are fully up but when she is relaxed one will fold over a little bit - it's probably tiring keeping all that ear weight up! :)
Update: The weather has been horrible over the passes and we are still trying to get Doc over the mountains for his foster home transfer. The next time we will try for is this Saturday and if that doesn't work, Monday. Cross your paws!