Sunday, July 31, 2016

Catching Up

It's been a busy summer so far full of vacations and super busy work schedules so blog posts have fallen down to a low priority spot on the to-do list.  Hopefully I can get things going again now that most of our time consuming summer activities are out of the way.

First off - Danzi's adopted! She found a great family in SW Washington where she has 2 furry brothers to play with and a nice fenced back yard. Her mom and dad just love her to pieces and we are sure she is going to be very happy in her new home.

Other than that, Seuss stayed at another New Rattitude volunteer's home that is just about a mile from our house. He was a charming guest (although I am guessing he was hard on her garden since he is an obsessed hunter) and got along great with her two tiny terrier/chi mixes.

Bored Seuss, waiting to be let out back to hunt

We have a new dog bed in our living room that I made out of reclaimed items and Seuss loves it since he can lie there and look out the window to watch for squirrels and crows to bark at. In fact all the dogs have taken turns trying it out and using it to give them a better view of the back yard.

Seuss on patrol

Sal squirrel watching

Frodo telling off crows

Chima takes her turn patrolling for squirrels while Sal rests

Monday, July 4, 2016

Cone Free

After nearly a month wearing a cone I am happy to report that Seuss has officially had his cone removed permanently.

He had to wear it so long because anytime it was removed he would chew off his scabs and we'd have to start waiting for them to heal all over again. Today he was officially scab-free and so off came the cone.

To celebrate he and Danzi had an impromptu wrestling session, initiated by Danzi. Everyone is happy that Seuss has lost his cone since he tended to deal with it getting in the way by just barrelling ahead and knocking things (and dogs and humans) out of his way. Chima and Sal were especially irritated by his coned butt-sniffing attempts.

He's still licking his front legs a bit but my hope is that once he gets used to having access to his front legs again that will stop.

The only time his leg seems to bother him now is after he's been lying down for quite awhile. Then it is stiff and he limps along for a minute or so. After that things are loosened up enough that he is free to terrorize the backyard squirrels with Chima and Sal.