Thursday, December 4, 2014

More Wrestling!

The big shocking news at our house this week is that Salinas has decided that she likes to play with Gorky. You have to understand Sal to know why this is so shocking. While she is quite playful with her toys, tossing them to herself and chasing after balls, when another dog tries to engage her in play she gives a slight curl of her lip and walks away. It's weird because more than any of my other dogs she does best having another dog around, but she just likes to co-exist with them - no playing.

But for some reason she has decided she loves wrestling with Gorky. Unlike her sister Chima, Gork isn't so vocal and intense in his play so Sal doesn't get nervous that this might end up being dangerous.

Taking a break

It started with just a few short matches to try it out but now, a few days later, and they will spend a good 20 minutes wrestling, giving themselves short breaks when they get tired or the wrestling gets too intense. It has been a joy to watch them.

Chima and Frodo are a bit irritated by it, but they are always a bit irritated if they aren't the ones having the most fun.

Frodo on fun patrol

And the result of so much wrestling? A very tired Sal and Gorky.

Sleepy Sal

Salinas' decision that she likes Gorky still doesn't apply to when she's resting and he wants to hang out next to her. Although after he used her head to kick of the couch to chase a ball, I can't really blame her for that.

Apologies for all the leaves on the carpet. The dogs bring them in when they whoosh in the door from outside and there always seem to be a few more, along with fir needles recently.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Walk For A Dog!

I do lots of walking with dogs - foster dogs, my dogs, client dogs for my work doing pet sitting/dog walking...

So boy was I excited when I learned about this app where I could be earning money for New Rattitude each time I head out for a walk with a dog. The app is called Walk For a Dog and using money from advertising it pays out a certain amount of money per mile walked. The more people we get walking, the more money raised for New Rattitude.

I've been using it for a couple weeks now. It's super easy to use and beyond just raising the money, it has some cool features. It tracks your total mileage or you can see what each of your dog's total mileage is. You can click on past walks and it brings up a map of the walk and the details of the walk - total time, mileage and your average walking speed. If you like to run with your dog or bike, there are settings for that too.

To get started on a walk all you have to do is tap on the photo of which dog you are walking and tap the button to start walking.
Once you're walking if you want to stop or pause, just tap the button. 

Under the history tab there is a list of all your walks. Tap a walk and it will open up the details of that walk. You can also tap on the photo of one of your dogs and it will list only the walks you've done with that dog.

Here's a detail page for an individual walk
If you look under the "about" tab it will list the total mileage being walked for New Rattitude by all the people walking as well as the total miles you've walked for New Rattitude. 

To get the app go to to learn more. Click on the "get the app" tab when you want to download the app - it's available for both Android and iPhone. When choosing the rescue group that you want to walk for it will ask you to look by state. Open the Michigan list (we are a National group and the New Rattitude post office box is in Michigan) and then click on New Rattitude. Then get out there and walk your dog!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Snow Time for Gorky!

The snow is mostly gone now but the dogs sure enjoyed it. I will never understand why Chima thinks that being outside in rain is like taking an acid shower but being outside in snow and wind that cuts right through you is no biggie.

It was likely Gorky's first snow and like all things in life, Gorky approached it with excitement and wild abandon. There were many rounds of zoomies in the yard followed by a lot of snow snuffling and "catching" snowballs that I threw.