Saturday, January 31, 2015

Toys of Christmas Past

Because I wasn't blogging in December, I missed sharing some cute shots of Christmas.

Handsome Gorky in his candy striped bandana

Gorky wore his fancy Christmas bandana and enjoyed killing his toy squirrel. Chima had fun tossing hers around and chasing it, Gorky gummed his to death until it was loaded with dog slobber and the other dogs chose a path of quick destruction. He also took turns on the mint and turkey/cranberry nylabones that were in plentiful supply.

Salinas working on a turkey/cranberry Nylabone dinosaur

Frodo finishing off one a Christmas cow

Gorky and his soggy squirrel

Friday, January 30, 2015

Dorky Gorky

It's been almost two months since I've posted. I have no excuses other than life gets busy and I've been a bit burnt out. However, Gorky is such a great dog and people are passing him over so I really wanted to try to restart myself on blogging so hopefully more people will hear about this sweet guy.

It is pretty much the norm that when people are looking for a dog, they are making their choices by the photos they see and not the words that tell about the dog. They want that gorgeous purebred look but often the reality of the temperament of the working dog that they want is a shock to their system. "What?! I have to work this dog out twice a day and between that keep their brain active?"

Well Gorky doesn't have the purebred look. He's got odd proportions and enormous ears and a crooked little mouth. But along with those enormous ears he has an enormous heart. He loves people, plays politely with other dogs, enjoys just chilling on the couch with his people, and is doing great with his house training. He just has the sweetest temperament.

Gorky, hanging out with his foster sisters

I  think he would do fine with one or two older kids with good dog manners but toddlers would stress him out. His only down side is something unfortunately he started doing here and we are working on it - growling at me and my husband when he wants to sit in a spot that another dog is sitting in (specifically, right next to us because he always wants the prime spot.) We are working on teaching him that the growling doesn't get him what he wants and at the same time building up other more appropriate behaviors.

So only one negative that I can think up and a huge list of positives. He is a joy to be around and I hate to think that people are skipping him over because he looks like a bit of a goofball. I tell you, everyone who has met this dog instantly falls in love.

So take a second look at this sweet blue boy with the epic ears. He's a gem.