Monday, December 21, 2015

Harrison is Adopted!

We are happy to announce that our goofy boy Harrison has found a home! He'll be moving to Shoreline, Washington and will have a high energy Jack Russell brother and a laid back Rat Terrier sister. His brother loves to wrestle and play and he and Harrison played non-stop at the home visit.

His new mom is retired and loves to take walks with her dogs and is excited to add more terrier personality to her household. She will get her money's worth with Harrison. He has a double dose of personality!

One last funny Harrison video - this is a little dark but very cute. It shows him playing under the couch. That black string looking thing in the video is all that remains of the Tuffy Octopus he got when he first arrived back in October but he still loves it.

We already know who our next foster will be and he will arrive at our house on January 10th. Stay tuned for his introduction...

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hangin' with Harrison

As a pet sitter, this time of year is the busiest for me. Because of that the blog posts don't happen that often since they get pushed to the bottom of the priority list.

So what has Harrison been up to since I last posted?

When he's outside he's been busy terrorizing the neighborhood squirrel population and running (and hurdling) in the back yard.

He also accidently locked me out of the house when I was outside with Tilly and the dogs were inside watching us through the sliding glass door. Whoops!

Inside the house he's had fun "killing" new toys, including some that don't really belong to him. But hey, at this house if you snooze you lose. Other indoor adventures included trying to eat a votive candle which smelled a lot like food.

And he has also been spending time under the couch, searching for toys that might have rolled under there, or even taking a Nylabone under there to chew on where he won't be disturbed by other dogs. He also likes to snuggle with people and/or dogs on the couch after he's had time to burn off some of his energy.

And as always he spends a lot of time being just plain adorable.