Sunday, January 17, 2010

Puppies heading home

The first two of the puppies have headed to their forever homes this weekend and will both live just a mile apart in Seattle. Hopefully they will get to set up some play dates so they get to see each other. Milah will now be called Paisley and Worf's new name is still being decided. I think the list has been narrowed to Fritz, Otto (nodding to his schnauzer heritage) or Moose.

The 3 remaining boys will be dropped off tomorrow morning for their neuter surgery and then will head home over the course of the next week. Sisko will head to Portland on Wednesday - his new name will be Deiab (Dee-ab). Dax will be next and will be travelling to Beaverton Oregon a week from today. His new name will probably be Dexter. And then last but not least, on the 26th Rom's dad will fly across the country from Baltimore to carry him home. His new name is Hurley.

It has been a wonderful, but exhausting experience. I think we'll stick to adult fosters for awhile. We still have Franny and Star who are waiting patiently for the right home.

The photo above was taken when I had the bright idea to turn the bathroom into the puppies' nursery so they'd have more space. After the demise of a roll of TP and chew marks on the wall I decided that they would have to go back to the ex-pen.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The pack

I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted to the blog. It seems like all my time is spent cleaning up after puppies. If I rush it still takes a full hour and a half in the morning to get everyone cleaned up, fed and pooped and cleaned up again before I can take a shower and get ready for work.

The puppies were listed on Petfinder and today and already we have applications for Rom and Sisko. We are going to miss them SO much after they go to their homes. When you watch a pup be born and care for it since birth it's tough to keep from getting too attached to them.

Franny and Star both are doing excellent with their housetraining and are such good girls. Franny has learned the "sit" command and "in your house" (which means she needs to go in her crate) and we are working on "leave it" and "drop it" with her. Both girls are very food motivated and smart so training them is easy, it's finding time to work with them that's the difficult part.

Star went to work with me yesterday and was so good. She greeted the customers like they were long lost family (still working on not jumping up on people) and when she wasn't doing that snoozed behind the counter in a nice cushy bed.

So that's the latest. If you know of any families who have the time, love and energy for a young puppy be sure to let them know about our little Trekkies.